Having long eyelashes creates a huge difference in a person’s aesthetics. It makes them look more appealing and attractive.

How long can you continue to wear tacky mascaras that drain the life out of your natural lashes? That doesn’t seem like such a good option when we put it like that. Eyelash extensions are the new trend and have every right to be so. Everyone is going right after it, from big celebrities to normal people like us. Now, all that’s left is to find a good place to get them done. That is where we come into the picture.

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What are eyelash extensions?

  • You can get fuller and longer eyelashes in numerous ways. You can buy expensive mascara, or wear false lashes. However, to achieve the most natural look is preferred. The eyelash extension has an instant effect. Eyelash extensions are separate fibers of lashes glued one by one or in a group of let’s say for example three lashes. Most of the eyelashes are made up of synthetic fibers like nylon and are bonded using professional glue that does not have any side-effect on your skin.

How are the eyelash extensions applied?

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How long do these eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions fall off and shed just like your natural lashes. Normally, eyelashes tend to fall out and regrow in about six weeks. After about a month, around half of the fibers would have fallen out

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