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Here at AdGroHair, we believe that everyone has the right to feel the best about themselves

One of the major factors leading to a person’s physical confidence is their hair. We make it our mission to always deliver quality service that satisfies not just the deepest roots of your hair, but you as well. Our cosmetic systems include everything from a simple cute style to effective non-surgical hair replacement and loss treatments. Our specialists listen and understand exactly what you’re getting at and deliver perfection. 

With our experience of years, there’s not really any room for errors. We specialize in high-definition hair replacement, hair restoration, and hair loss treatments. It is always ensured that you get exactly what you came to mind with. All of our services are tailored exactly according to your unique needs and wants so you never have to settle down for anything. You will be surprised to know what an immense effect good hair can have on your personality!

hair treatment chennai

Who can go for Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions?

  • People with any level of hair loss can opt for non-surgical hair loss solutions. If you want to avoid the surgery and get around it somehow, this is the best option you got. It will help regrow your hair as well as improve the way it appears.

Why should one go for Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions?

Why should you consider hair extensions?

Customized Treatment Plans

Our team devises personalized treatment plans to address your specific needs, incorporating a combination of proven techniques and innovative technologies.

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hair treatment chennai

How does the process work?

A professionally trained personal stylist who will also be an expert in hair replacement will be assigned to you. Next, your head will be thoroughly examined and lightly-populated areas will be noted. After thorough research and discussion, we will determine what type of hair replacement procedure will be carried out for you. We will work to find hair that matches your color, texture, pattern, and density. Now, we will simply create a look that will be basically undetectable on an ultra-thin, invisible layer that is breathable like real skin. This new hair will be attached to your head using safe medical adhesive. We will ensure that it does not move. Now comes the exciting part that you should look forward to! The stylist will style and cut your hair exactly the way you want it. The only downside of this process is not going for it earlier!

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