Eyebrow lamination
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Our brows define our face in a lot of ways. They don’t just play a role in our aesthetics but can also control how our face shape looks.  Neat and well-groomed brows make you look fresh, young, and approachable. 

Eyebrow Lamination

How does the procedure for Brow Lamination go?

  • The whole procedure including the components is safe and tested. With this new technology and technique, brows can be manipulated in any direction. However, the direction of your natural growth is recommended. It makes your brows look symmetrical.

  • Some eyebrow tint is applied at the ends as a touch-up that makes the whole procedure come together. The eyebrow tint lasts for a good amount of time and can be retouched whenever required.

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Our team devises personalized treatment plans to address your specific needs, incorporating a combination of proven techniques and innovative technologies.

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